Rhetorical Analysis Of Letter From Birmingham Jail

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Hall 6 Tristen Hall Ms. Edwina Mosby English Composition I/II 10/28/17 Rhetorical Analysis: Letter from Birmingham Jail Summary/Assessment: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. authored the pivotal and revolutionary Letter from Birmingham Jail. The letter is addressed to eight white clergymen in the South who have deemed King's nonviolent campaign as "unwise and untimely" (1). King justifies himself for being in Birmingham, and why he could not take on an individualistic attitude. If one part of America is affected directly by segregation, all parts are affected indirectly (4). King illustrates the outcome that which waiting for the right time to stand up for justice will cause (11). By juxtaposing the creation of tension to "nonviolent gadflies" King shows that issues that are addressed consistently will receive the most attention (9). Positive tension gives breathe to the cure for segregation. Furthermore, if the oppressors chose not to accept the extremity of love and brotherhood to create unity, then they would be afflicted with the perplexing extremism shown by the Elijah Muhammed Muslim movement (22). King reveals his disappointments of the White moderates, the White Church, and the negroes who have adjusted to segregation. Conclusively, King knows that all bodies of the U.S.A shall eventually gain the freedom from oppression, but it is just the matter of when. He hopes that each hero that is contributing to the campaign will achieve positive outcomes for future

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