Rhetorical Analysis Of Letter From Birmingham Jail

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As a result of social media spreading messages throughout the internet, the way people view news and create opinions has greatly differentiated since the time of simple publications. If Dr. Martin Luther King had used social media when writing the “Letter from Birmingham Jail”, his story, experiences, and blatant view of the conditions of Birmingham would have been made known to the world quicker. Due to the traveling speed of internet and the large number of viewers using social media would greatly increase the expansion of Dr. King’s fight. The rhetorical situation of the publication would remain the same by means of literary intentions and causes. The only difference would be the means of how the view Dr. King was published. A newspaper, especially around the time of the Birmingham incident, has a limited range of readers due to lack of accessibility to transportation. Consistency by way of rhetorical situation is due to the intended audience never differentiating from the original intention. His points and actions are still strongly directed towards and for the horrid, white pastors that reside in Birmingham. Regardless of the means of publication, the abandonment and deviation from the pastors will continue to be the purpose of Dr. King’s works. Despite the change in how the letter is presented, the contents of such would not be modified in any drastic way; aside from a few details that would cater more so to the new unintended audience- such as the greater

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