Rhetorical Analysis Of Martin Luther King's Letter To Birmingham

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In the summer of 1963, Martin Luther King Jr. went to Birmingham due to a large amount of segregation happening there. Dr. King was invited to Birmingham because of his connection with the Southern Christian leadership conference. Because he was the president of the conference he felt the need to be in Birmingham to fix the segregation there. While Dr. King was in Birmingham he and fellow protesters were arrested. In his letter Dr. King’s letter he answers statements that white leaders said to him. In his letter, Dr. king’s rhetoric, tone, sentence structure, diction, and appeals were all presented well. In Dr. King's letter, his rhetoric was all about influencing the audience. to get his emphasis across to the audience he encouraged …show more content…

All throughout his letter, Dr. King made sure to use words that had powerful emotions which helped to keep the audience active in the reading. His word choices helped him make his case towards the white clergymen. Because of the words Dr. King chose, it should the audience he wasn't writing the letter because he felt like it was his job, but more because he truly believed in everything he was writing about. The syntax of the letter did not have a repetitive pattern. Dr. King’s sentences were a mixture of words per sentence. Some sentences would only have five words while other sentences would have ten words. In a way, this system helped him because the sentences that had fewer words were the sentences that made you think about what he said. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. (King 4)” This quote has eight words, but it makes you think about the reason why Dr. King and SCLC went to Birmingham in the first place; they believed it was their duty to help Birmingham because of the segregation in the city. Dr.King’s appeal in the letter was a mixture of pathos and logos. An example of him using logos was in the beginning of the letter when he told his audience his reasoning of being in Birmingham was because he had ties to the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Another example is when he told the audience how a

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