Rhetorical Analysis Of Martin Luther King's Speech

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We will Win: A Rhetorical Analysis of Martin Luther King, Jr. Memphis speech Words are stronger than actions a phrase that showcased Martin Luther king's ability as a speaker. During february 1968, there was an issue in memphis concerning about companies treatment toward sanitation worker. Martin Luther King, Jr. who is a spokesperson for the civil rights movement, and a baptist minister flew to memphis to talk about the situation. The speech presented was ‘I have been to the mountaintop”, the speech effectively covered its purpose about the issue of injustice toward sanitation workers. In Martin Luther King,Jr's speech, he encourages participant in the Memphis worker strike to persist by advocating his knowledge through experiences, referring to God as an appeal and disclosing their strengths. His experiences play a role in the effectiveness of his speech because he is able to advocate his knowledgment toward the strike. King discussed what happened in Birmingham and how they won that fight, Bill Connor tried to stop them but they were able to take advantages of it and steer it to victory and that he plans to also win this fight(3). By unveiling this information he is able to build credibility and the trust of his audience, eliminating any pessimistic opinion. Which also assures them of pure victory since King has dealt with similar cases before, this information given to the audience unites them since they know they are following a capable leader. He also mentioned an

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