Rhetorical Analysis Of Monuments Fall By Asha Bigard

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Marie Sesay
English 102

Rhetorical Analysis: Monuments Fall, but Racism Stands Tall in New Orleans School

Racism in the school system should never be tolerated; especially with children that are working hard and trying to better themselves. Author Ashana Bigard wrote Monuments fall but racism stands tall in New Orleans schools published in 2017 by the progressive magazine, and she states now white supremacists were suing their status to oppress minorities education wise. Bigard begins the article by stating how a white supremacist who was admired by many white racists statue being taken down and how that is a positive step. But then the nation decided to take two steps backwards with school not allowing two minorities not to graduate because of unnecessary reasons. Towards the ending she continued to strengthen her point by using how removing an offense figure in another country strengthen the country and lead it to a better path versus how removing an offense statute in the United States only made the country racism strengthen. Bigard uses personal experiences, statics, and citing convincing facts to try to appeal and give the readers understanding of the unfair treatment. Bigard was just stating fact and the unfairness and did not really seem to care about how readers will perceive it.

In the article, Bigard begins with a very significant time in history and how the impact might not be as effective, and furthermore she begins to dissect what had happened to

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