Rhetorical Analysis Of The Apollo 11

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In 1969, the Apollo 11 disembarked the first people on the moon. Because of this remarkable achievement, articles, speeches, commentaries, and political cartoons would undoubtedly talk about the event. They, however, would not all talk about the subject in the same way. Although they may not all be on the same page they had to address their topic carefully as to appeal to the audience. Using rhetoric can aid in delivering their message in a way that’s effective. The use of rhetoric appeals can strengthen the message that they’re trying to convey. Whether it would be the use of SOAPS or the appeals of ethos, logos, and pathos they would both serve the purpose of improving their way of delivering the point of the message in such a way that would be effectual. The first text titled Man Takes First Steps on the Moon, by the Times, is a news article that describes the astronauts’ first steps on the moon along with some feedback from Neil Armstrong. The purpose of this article is to inform the audience of a grand achievement that happened. It does it in a way where the reader can follow through of the events as it unfolded. The article interacts with the reader by providing the exact time that the events occurred. Whilst the speaker was providing descriptions of said events. The subject of the article affects the way it is written by shaping how the information is given; the article contained input from Armstrong, the way the landing was executed, as well as the aftermath and

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