Rhetorical Analysis : ' Should We Care About Genetically Modified Foods '

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Chelsea Salgado English 7:30 November 12, 2015 Rhetorical Analysis Paragraphs 1-3 “Should We Care About Genetically Modified Foods?” by John N. Shaw appeared in Food Safety News issue of February 1, 2010, as a feature under the health section on the controversy between the pros and cons of genetically modified foods (Also known as GMO, genetically modified organisms). The main idea of this article is to inform people of the benefits of GMOs . The author, John Shaw received his Bachelor of Science degree in Finance with a minor in Marketing from the University of Arkansas in 2007, where he was a “leadership scholar.” In addition to his studies, he has worked as a research assistant with Food Law LL.M. Director Susan Schneider, interned with Wal-Mart Government and Corporate Affairs division, the Arkansas Attorney General Public Protection Division, and with United States Senator Blanche Lincoln. John has a passion for Food Law, sports, and outdoors. In the article, he states, “ I submit that I am no scientist; merely an interested student.” According to the article, he is passionate and has done sufficient research about the topic to support his argument. The article contains necessary information to support why GMOs are more beneficial than harmful. The author believes that, “consumers should weigh the positives with the negatives and embrace this innovative process.” In the article, the author provides information about GMOs to be concerned about but successfully gives
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