Gmo Negatives

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Genetically modified Organisms (GMOs) are the result of artificial genetic modification of organisms. Typically plants and livestock are modified to resist disease, herbicides, and pests (Tsatsakis, et al). Furthermore, the biotech industry is growing in sales as well. In 2012, biotechnology generated about 323.8 billion US dollars (Tsatsakis, et al). While scientists search for the safest possible methods of genetic modification, many people disagree with the use of GMOs, and some actively try to shut down Biotechnology centers for their practices. Likewise, it is argued whether GMOs are safe enough to consume in our food. While many experiments and studies suggest that GMOs have some risk, no matter the method, many actually ignore the facts given that show us GMOs are more beneficial than harmful to our society. In order to tackle the concern over the safety of …show more content…

For example: This tomato was engineered to produce higher levels of nutrients called anthocyanins, which have been shown to be protective against a wide variety of human diseases. The Golden Rice Project seeks to bring vitamin-A enriched rice to market to help prevent nearly 500,000 cases of childhood blindness and 2 million deaths caused by vitamin-A deficiency in third world countries each year Unfortunately, many of these valuable and potentially life saving projects are unable to come to market because of public misunderstandings about the potential dangers of GMOs (Battelle). Many argue that the use of GMOs has a negative impact on farmers as well, but a study showed that GMO crops can actually reduce pesticide usage. In a German Meta study, it was concluded that the average pesticide usage decreased by 37%, then increasing farmer profits by 68% (Battelle). Most people are led to believe that GMOs are their enemy, when in reality, we heavily depend on

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