Rhetorical Analysis of "Cultural Baggage" Essay

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Jenny Stout Professor Bowers English 1102 5 September 2014 Rhetorical Analysis In Barbara Ehrenreich’s Cultural baggage, the topic of ethnic heritage is discussed as the author is responding to an acquaintance asking her what her ethnic background is. Ehrenreich finds her purpose for writing her essay in making readers aware that no ethnic background is in fact a background. She takes on a not so common viewpoint of herself as most people pride themselves in where they came from and the traditions of their culture, rather than feeling almost embarrassed to claim their background. Ehrenreich claims that she has no ethnic background, disregarding her Scottish, English, and Irish heritage. While others “stand up and proudly reclaim…show more content…
Ehrenreich was finally able to feel a sense of pride knowing that “the race of ‘none’ marches on.” The author wrote her essay including several references to certain traditions that different cultures practice. The audience is assumed to have some general knowledge of different cultures, but nothing to extensive. The author also assumes that the audience is somewhat well educated due to the higher-level word choices she makes. Ehrenreich is describing her realization of heritage to her audience in the possible hopes that the readers can either relate in some way or share some of the excitement that she does in her own ethnicity, or lack of. Ehrenreich was able to make her point that she does in fact have an ethnicity other than Scottish, English and Irish. It was intriguing to see the progression in the essay from the authors feeling of disconnect with her heritage to a sense of pride in her family that refrains from carrying on cultural activities. She recognizes where she came from and concludes that no tradition is a tradition, rather than trying to
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