Rhetorical Analysis of Hillary Clinton's Speech, Women’s Rights are Human Rights

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On September 5, 1995, Hillary Clinton delivered an influential speech at The Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing. Clinton expresses general concern over escalating violence toward women, in other word’s gendercide. “Gendercide refers to the systematic elimination of a specific gender group, normally female. It’s most common in India, China, and other regions in Southeast Asia” (GirlsKind Foundation). Crimes, such as bride trafficking, infanticide, abandonment, and dowry related murder; often take place within private households, going unnoticed and not even acknowledged. “Tragically, women are most often the ones whose human rights are violated. Even now, in the late 20th century, the rape of women continues to be used as an …show more content…

Hillary relates to them by listing responsibilities that women uphold. “I have met women in South Africa who helped lead the struggle to end apartheid and are now helping to build a new democracy. I have met women in India and Bangladesh who are taking out small loans to buy milk cows, or rickshaws, or thread to create a livelihood for them themselves and their families” (Clinton 2). Using repetition, she starts the accounts with “I have met women in…….” to show credibility, she has met women in different positions. By doing so Clinton, allows the audience immediately to know what women are capable of doing, despite unfair treatment. Pathos is important in this speech when you are trying to change others views on women’s rights. Hillary uses emotional appeals to the audience when she describes them as wives, mothers, sisters, and daughters; referring them to women in our own lives; evoking the listener to imagine if their loved one were in the same position. Clinton talks about the appalling desecrations such as gendercide. Clinton states the demands of women that remain silent. By using repetitive language, she starts all the statements with “It is a violation of human rights when….”.All eight statements are relevant examples of different scenarios that happen to women around the world. “It is a violation of human rights

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