Rhetorical Techniques Used In 'Tedtalks I Got'

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In the TEDTalks I got, Kimberley Motley heavily used Pathoso, or emotion appeal in their speech. Rhetorical techniques she used to reach the viewers feelings including stories, narrations, repetitions and imagery. In the first story, the little girl was sold off to be married because the father could not afford to pay off a debt he owed to a man. Because of this, Kimberley was disgusted at the fact that the man’s son accepted the marriage and that the fathers accepted it. Kimberley repeats the story at different times throughout the speech to nail into our heads about how a six year-old girl was sold off to be married by a 21 year-old man because a 2.5K debt could not be paid. Another story she tells us is about another little girl, this girl …show more content…

Kimberley used various facts, stories, expert opinions and other things to tell the viewer’s about how what was happening was both morally wrong and illegal. First thing sher did when she started to speak was introduce her. She made sure everyone knew that she wasn’t just some random woman with an opinion, she made sure the viewers knew that she was a credible source in that she was a lawyer, a teacher and the first American lawyer in Afghanistan. She used the experiences of her past and what the legislative was doing. One such experience was when she was responsible for a little girl’s life after that point. Kimberley said that she used some of Afghanistan’s laws that despite being written into the official law list. She used laws that were never really used in the court system and to protect the victims of said laws. Some of her experts she talked to were Journalists, a Southern African Lawyer and a Village Elder (Which is borderline expert). She made sure to use words of other people that were well trusted people. She also brought up many other cases that she was not part of, such as other cases of the same caliber as the one she won with the little girl, except that every single other one had no lawyer at all representing them in the court of law. Kimberley used many different techniques to explain she idea through facts and she credibility as a

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