Rhitu Chatterjee Where Did Agriculture Begin

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Summary: The article “Where did agriculture begin? Oh boy it’s Complicated” was written by Rhitu Chatterjee from NPR news. She talks about how about 12,000 years ago, our hunter- gatherer ancestors began farming. First, humans grew crops like peas, lentils, and barley. They also herded wild animals like oxen and goats. As time went on, humans switched to farming full time and created new breeds of plants and animals. Eventually, they migrated to parts of Europe and Asia and spread the use of farming. The first farmers lived in the Fertile Crescent, in areas of the Middle East that had soil perfect for farming. It has been long believed that farming was started by one group of ancestral humans. A new study, however, says that multiple groups in the Fertile Crescent started farming, and that these groups were genetically distinct from one another. …show more content…

DNA analysis of four individuals from 10,000 years ago that lived on the eastern part of the Fertile Crescent resulted in the conclusion that they were completely distinct from one another. Their common ancestor was from as many as 77,000 years before them, and well before the beginning of farming. This new study suggests that the earliest farmers of the Fertile Crescent did not migrate westward; therefore, they are not responsible for spreading agriculture to Western Europe. They also determined that the early farmers of Zagros were more similar to South Asian people from Afghanistan and Pakistan, and probably migrated there, bringing farming with them to those areas. The farmers of the Fertile Crescent seem to have migrated to different areas of the world, bringing their farming techniques with them. We know now that agriculture has come a long way, has more complicated beginnings than we imagined, and that various populations of the Fertile Crescent migrated and shaped it to become what it is

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