Rhydin: A Short Story

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Late June she had somehow ended up back in Rhydin from a world she still had no name for. A place full of death and war, where chaos was a normal way of life, and green was a color that had long since forgotten. While she thought Rhydin a place of disorder, in a way, this place had been nothing like Rhydin. This place had been cruel and cold, stripping the Keeper of an essence that once made her who she was. She returned different in many ways; emotionally, mentally, and physically.

The last memory she had of that horrid place was a group of armored men howling at her on the battlefield at the mountain summit. A place one would not normally find the Keeper but it was that she was a creature of such rarity and power that they had her on the …show more content…

It had been truly a chance of fate that he was even able to find her unconscious form among the body pieces. If he had not she would of surely of bled to death. Left in the care of a clinic, she woke some days later with the man nearby checking in on her. A few days later the clinic released her and she was left in a world that was once her home and yet she had nothing left to return to. She of course visited the inn first and she felt completely out of place. Did being gone for so long take everything from her, including the people she once …show more content…

He crashed into her and down they both went into a heap on the floor.

"Omph!" she complained as her back hit the floor and there was a weight on top of her.

"Sorry!" the young man quickly said down to her. "How do you wear this thing?"

"Lots of practice." she giggled though it was a bit nervously done, "P-please don't take this the wrong way but you do know I am girl, right?"

"Huh? Well yeah. Wh-" It was about then the young man realized where his hand placement was and he quickly jolted upright to his feet. Stammering he offered his hand to help her up, "I am so sorry, miss!"

She sighed quietly and rose her hand to meet the young man's so she could get up without too much of a hassle. "I'm not a fool. I know they aren't the biggest you've ever seen, and surely not in Rhydin, but it is still pretty unflattering when a guy doesn't even notice." She was of course teasing the poor man and it was all she could do to stop herself from blushing. It seemed to work because he was unable to form sentences after that. Another apology later he somehow managed to direct her to a place to change. He dealt with the cloak while she went off to do just

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