The Awakening : The Downfall Of Edna Pontellier

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The Awakening:The Downfall of Edna Pontellier
In Kate Chopin's The Awakening, Edna Pontellier was the type of person to truly embrace her solitude. She enjoyed social interactions, yet she felt as if she never belonged in them, so she often distanced herself. What a complicated woman she was, we sometimes thought as the readers that we knew what she wanted and that we connected to her, but she chose death in the end of the tale and it threw us for a loop. Maybe if we knew of the literary criticism titled
Psychoanalytic or also known as the Freudian, we could understand more. I believe she was an
Id, or someone that would do what they themselves felt was absolutely necessary to achieve their goal. In Edna’s case, she wanted to find self worth without anyone else to assist her, escape social standards, and most importantly , find happiness. Death became her outcome.
The first sign I noticed of Edna’s internal struggle for self worth and importance was in chapter three, when a flood of human emotion knocked her over. She did not know entirely why she was crying but she seemed to feel overwhelmed with her life. Her husband had come home and awakened her and told her to go take care of her “sick” child and she did not want to. I believe the sleep deprivation and the beginning of the realization that she was a servant to her husband and children began to set in, I think she realized she lacked worth and was not content with the way she was living. As an Id character, she began to

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