Richard II Leadership

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Leadership in Discord “Richard II” by William Shakespeare was written roughly 1595. The play is about King Richard II’s tenure as king of England. Shakespeare is famous for writing ancient plays about emperors and love. In this play Shakespeare describes a lot of themes, and one of the themes that stands out is leadership. Unfortunately the theme of leadership is mostly portrayed negatively and complex, especially where the characters of King Richard II and King Henry IV is concerned. This is important because in most cases when the leader is affected, be it positively or negatively, the rest of the team usually gets affected too. Clearly the writer proves it is no different in this play. The play is full of conflicts and struggle in the families …show more content…

According to Higginbotham’s article, the King lacks knowledge and experience when it comes to economical leadership, he considers his character to be wasteful, selfish, wild and unwise. “Gaunt figures Richard’s extravagant spending as a “blaze of riot” that like a fire flames high initially but quickly subsides, with the expectation that Richard must soon “burn out”. This image captures both the wildness of Richard’s behavior (since his excessive spending is likened to a “riot”) and its dangerousness (since the height of a blaze still destroys, even if it is likely to dwindle to nothing” (Higginbotham …show more content…

“The ocean protects the island of England from foreign threats, but isolation has the consequent danger of self-destruction, and slight imbalances of power in small natural systems are more likely to generate large-scale disaster (Scot 1). Scot claims that Shakespeare creates an imaginary garden in the play, which symbolizes a small world for Richard II. He uses it to describe the authority of the king. He continues to explain that Shakespeare’s method of using the surrounding environment serves as a way to portray political conflict in the king’s kingdom. “Shakespeare might have left his concentric symbols in the conventional vein of monarchal body to nation, but this play is remarkable for its pursuit of a truly ecological representation of political conflict” (Scot

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