Richard Third Monologue

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Shakespeare’s tragedy Richard III, features an especially morbid scene in which Richard the Duke of Gloucester woos Lady Anne. By seducing Lady Anne, Gloucester gains the confidence he needs to put the other events of the plot into motion and it further develops his character and villainous persona. By having Gloucester get away with a seemingly impossible task, given that Anne despises him, the audience becomes encaptivated with the main character and another person becomes under the curse that is Richard’s ego. Prior to the events of the play, Richard in his first monologue fills the audience in on his plans to become king and it is eventually revealed that he is responsible for the death of King Henry VI whom happens to be Lady Anne’s father-in-law. Lady Anne makes it very clear that she is well aware of Richard’s crimes “Dost grant me, hedgehog? Then, God grant me too Thou mayst be damned for that wicked deed. O, he was gentle, mild and virtuous (I.ii.105-110). Even though Richard is aware Anne detests him he still continues on with his goal of wooing her, leaving the audience to wonder if this is more of a mind-game for Richard instead of a means of increasing his political influence. Unfortunately, after much diligence he succeeds in his intentions and even convinces Anne to marry him. How does this slimy, inappropriate, and ugly little man convince this woman, whose literally standing in front of her murdered father-in-law’s corpse, to not only court him but to in

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