Right Finger Contusion

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Reason for Visit: Right Finger Contusion
S: TM works in GA FS/3L when she injured her right hand fingers. TM was propping engines and pulling back the pallets, and the other TM, who was working with her, didn’t see her hand causing right hand finger contusion, index, middle, and ring finger tips. The initially the pain was 10/10 and the pain was pulsation, now the pain is at 4/10. TM denies any numbness, tingling, or loss of movement in her right hand fingers. After the 20 minutes of ice, TM rates her pain was at 1/10 in her ring finger tip and her index finger tip, but she rates her middle finger tip pain at 3/10 and describes her pain as aching.
O: Right Index, Middle, and Ring Finger Tips: erythema and edema present, unable to assess under

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