Summary Of Rights Of Man By Thomas Paine

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The book Rights of Man, written by Thomas Paine, he explains how every human had their natural rights, and how a country could find peace if they composed a government based on the rights. In the particular section we must write about, he focuses on describing America, and how perfect it is. He says everyone is in agreement, there’s no riots, and etc., but does all this hold true today about America? It doesn’t. America today is nothing how Paine described it back in 1791, the wealthy are treated better than the poor, the diversity in America is overcome with the belief of supremacy of races and self-segregation, and protests and riots are constant due to many things political and economical.. Thomas Paine believed that “the poor are not oppressed, and the rich are not privileged” (Paine 1), and today in America, this is one of the bigger problems that we have. The government that we have in place today is made up of almost completely rich white old men, who are probably more interested in making sure that they can keep all their money than they are about dealing with the poverty rates. A common belief among the wealthier classes is that they are paying for food stamps which are given to the poor who are too lazy to work for their own money, and they get mad about this because they believe being poor is a person’s fault. There are some people who live off of food stamps and purposely use them as a reason not to work or try and make their own money, but most of the people

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