Ring Of Fire: Johnny Cash's Life

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Ring of fire. Ring of fire has multiple meanings to society and Johnny Cash. His life was a roller coaster. He experienced struggles, accomplishments, and building a legacy to last forever. Johnny Cash has battled through drug addiction to prove that perseverance made him a great musician. Johnny Cash was interested in music at a very young age. When he was young, he loved listening to the radio to get away from “the daily grind of farming” (Cusic, 2014). He didn’t begin his singing career right after growing up in Arkansas though. He went to college, had a factory job, and was in the U.S. Air Force (Cameron, 2004). He began playing the guitar in Germany while working as a radio operator for the U.S. Air Force (Cusic, 2014). After appearing on one of Bob Dylan’s albums, Nashville Skyline, he became more popular with adolescent fans (Cameron, 2004). …show more content…

He began his walk to fame when he was practicing for Sun Records, which was when he created the song “Hey Porter” (“Country Music Legend Johnny”, 2003). After his first songs were created with the help of Sun Records, J.R. Cash became more commonly known as Johnny Cash (Cusic, 2014). Cash had many hits. One of his first was “A Boy Named Sue” which was originally created by Shel Silverstein. He performed at California’s Folsom Prison for one of his first live gigs. After helping Bob Dylan create his album, Cash realized that rock and folk music was more appealing to juveniles (Carlin,

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