Rio Grande Valley Essay

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The Horror of Rio Grande Valley
I was on my early 30s seeking for new job proposals after the company where I was used to work declared bankruptcy. After some weeks from applying to numerous jobs, something called my attention to my computer wondering that was just another email from other jobs applications telling me thank you for summiting my application. My expectations changed when I received the following email that says: “Thanks for summiting your application. From the staff on Center-Teck, we want to congratulate you from getting the job of security guard. If you are interested to exert your new position but you not have the facilities to do it, the following things will be provided to you as a member of Center-Teck: 1 house …show more content…

At first instance I thought that was about and explosion of some kind, but after a while a thought that it could be an asteroid probably not too big to represent any danger, but certainly was something with a lot of power to cover the darkness of the morning with a light that lasted about for at least 4 seconds. After this event I asked my daughter if she also experienced the phenomenon, but she was asleep contrary to the direction of the flashes. I’m the only witness of that moment.
After 4 hours of road, finally I managed to reach the city just in time for my interview. I have to say that the town looks pretty good, but if it were a horror movie scenario, it will fit perfectly for a good story or movie. So after I finish my little interview, one person named Luis offered me a tour to locate my new house at the town. It was still of day I remember, but as soon the tour ended, Luis advised me about not to stay too long on night because there is the rumor about a suspected animal that attacked some of the dwellers of the town. No one have seen it before but if the rumors are true, then the creature will be like a “cosmic reptilian god” from some of Lovecraft stories. Well, I actually exaggerated because no one have seen it but it would be interesting to see such creature around Rio Grande from my point of view.
Some years later from my first arrival to the city, I notice that the attacks from the creature spread out towards other cities like

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