Rise Of The Robots Analysis

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Essay 3: Rise of the Robots In Mr. Martin Ford’s Rise of the Robots, the author argues that the economic future is in danger due to technology overtaking the workforce. As technology becomes smarter, they have taken over the jobs that humans have previously done. However, it is not just simple tasks, but intricate tasks that require multiple steps, such as brain surgery. Mr. Ford presents a valid argument of that at the rate that technology is progressing, it will probably only be a few decades before robotics overtake the workforce. Mr. Ford’s main argument is that coming technology will have a profound impact on our economics. Even today, we have automated robots doing tasks that, formally, humans couldn’t preform with such accuracy, such as self-driving cars and even surgeries. Robots are able to assemble other robots via the assembly lines. Increasingly, technology is advancing faster than humans in discovering ways to complete tasks. Technology is becoming exponentially better at writing its own programing, raising the question why could they not overtake all jobs currently performed by humans. Surgery is a major example of how robots have surpassed the human capabilities, being able to complete the procedure with minimal invasiveness. It is already unique enough for a robot to assemble a washing machine, per say, but now they are able to perform tasks that humans cannot even complete. More sophisticated robots are referred to as artificial

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