Rising Health Care Cost : Effects And Control Measures

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Rising Health Care Cost Effects and Control Measures of the Rising Health Care Cost Ifeakachi Miracle Columbus State Community College Author Note Ifeakachi Miracle, Biology Major, Voorhees College Ifeakachi Miracle is now a Biology Major, Columbus State Community College Correspondence concerning this article should be addressed to mimiscoelcarim@yahoo.com Abstract This writing project (RISING HEALTH CARE COST) explores one out of the three issues that are pressurizing the world of health today. This project, however, elaborate on some of the consequences that the issue has brought about, some of the causes and need an adequate attention in other improve the wellbeing of people’s life. Keywords: World Health Issues (WHI), Gross Domestic Products (GDP), and Health Care Cost (HCC). In United States of America, there are some problems that the medical sector of the country is currently facing. The major issue that the country is facing today is the issue of High Healthcare Cost. The rate at which Healthcare costs in the United States are rising is about two to three times faster than the rate of inflation. This trajectory is not justifiable. There is really a high increase in the Health care cost of America. Something is going to have to give. A lot of people are deeply feeling it and also the nation of United States are being punished on multiple fronts due to the rising of health care cost. The soaring cost of medical care has forced hard choices
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