Risk Analysis In Health Care

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Risk assessments are important in creation of safe management plan. The main aim of creating of risk assessments is to remove or decrease the danger that can occur at the workplace by promoting precautious and other coordinated procedures. Under the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act healthcare facility is required to implement a security risk In risk assessments two components need to be taking into consideration: hazards and risk. Hazards are situation that can result in harm. Risk in healthcare is the possibility of opposing results from patient care or other service that occur in the health facility. The endorsing 8 elements of a risk assessment in the facility are essential in order to prevent any security …show more content…

Facility access controllers, workstation use and workstation security and device controls are the main elements of physical safeguards.
Facility access controllers. Restriction for physical access while safeguarding only authorized employees is permitted to access PHI.
Workstation use and security. Terms for the applicable use of workplace and the features of the physical setting of workstations that can have access to PHI. It is required to use login features in order to access PHI, where security login should be unique and changed every 90 days. Password should include at least 8 characters in length and should include upper and lower cases, at least one number and other symbols. The workstation needs to log off after the use. Workstations must be placed in secure areas of the facility. Any conversations about PHI are confidential and should be hold behind the close doors and lower voice.
Device controls. Inventory of all devices with stored PHI should be hold periodically. The monitoring of unapproved external electronic media low the risk of the leak of PHI in the case of a incident. Shredding the documentation containing patients’ information is required to safeguard patients’ information. Never leave medical records without …show more content…

Security policies and procedures must be evaluated periodically and checked if official requirements are met.

Technical Safeguards.
Technical safeguards are safeguards which main aim is to protect PHI by creating policies that control who has access to PHI. Elements of technical safeguards: access control, audit control, integrity control and transmission security.
Access control. Technical policies need to be created that permit access only to those individuals who have right to do so. For this purpose unique user identification is required. In case of emergency situation define who is allowed to access to PHI, rather than the person assigned originally. Automatic log-off, encryption, decryption are essential for protection PHI.
Audit control. A procedures should be developed that help to keep track of audit trails, that let to examine who, when and how many times PHI of particular patients has been viewed.
Integrity control. Endorsing integrity control allows to safeguard that PHI won’t be wrongly changed or deleted.
Transmission security. Security measures that help to safeguard from any kind of unlawful access to PHI are required to be proposed.

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