Risk Factors Of Childhood Obesity

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Zulikha Khairizada ENG 111 Spring 2016 Risk Factors of Childhood Obesity Introduction This informative study is an attempt to inform and investigate the risk factors of childhood obesity. Childhood obesity increased significantly in the recent decades and it is a major health issue in the United States of America. Obesity is a big concern because of its short term and long term consequences. Since identification of the factors is the key to prevent childhood obesity, this research will inform general audience about risk factors which lead to childhood obesity. Childhood obesity occurs when a child is above the normal weight for his or her age and height. If a child’s weight pose health problems for her or him, this can be a sign of childhood obesity. Obesity results from little calories expended compared to the amount of calories consumed. This research will talk about environmental, genetic, decreased physical activity, and lifestyle factors that contribute to childhood obesity. Childhood obesity has both immediate and long-term effects on the health and well-being. The immediate effects are health related issues, such as cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure. The long term effect is that if a child is obese, he might grow up as an obese adult. Taking proactive measures such as choosing healthy lifestyle habits which include healthy eating and physical activity can lower the risk of becoming obese and having health issues. If possible measures that has been taken
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