Obesity Research Paper

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Different factors are responsible for obesity in children and adolescents. The cause of obesity was widely agreed, that eating too much and exercising too little. Food is energy, unless you use that energy; however, it will be store as fat. Nevertheless, once someone becomes obese, it is often not as easy as simply eating less and moving more will resolve the situation. From genetic to behavioral, and environmental, the imbalance of calories intake, calories have been use for the purpose of growth, development, metabolism and physical actives. Children usually consume their calories by means of food or beverages. When those foods are not utilize, for energy activities, it leads to obesity. Obesity could be consider, has been …show more content…

Healthful eating, being physically active and achieving and maintaining a healthy weight are not solely an individual responsibility of families. Organizations, communities, and society to help change the environments in which people live, work and play in ways that encourage good health. Environmental and policy changes are those most to likely to reach the largest number of people and have the greatest impact on individual behavior. Limiting the consumption of sweetened beverages, high-energy dense food, and restricting television-viewing time. , The 5-2-1-0 guidelines recommend that kids eat at least five serving of fruits and vegetables a day, spend less than two hours in front of screen (including TV, computers, videogames and mobile devices) fit one hour of physical participation into their day and they consume zero sugar-sweetened drinks. Besides, suggest that children trade soda, fruit juice and sport drinks with water or low –fat –milk. Evaluation Most studies showed that children and adults do not meet fruit and vegetable recommendations and it is due to diet quality. The hardest for families to attain, based on some study is fruit and vegetable intake. Most of the children failed to keep away from sugar-sweetened beverages .Study show that 81 percent of children had less than two screen time, less than one percent met the one-hour physical activity rule. There are several reasons why the guidelines are been not followed. One of

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