Risks Of The Health Care

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One of the risks of the health care globalization is that the health care providers’ standards differ from country to country. Although, the international standards are the same for all countries around the globe, it is important to understand to what extent these standards fit the cultural, social, and economic contexts of those countries. In other words, simply demonstrating compliance with common quality standards, leads to different results depending on the country or health professionals involved. Botched operations is a very popular problem in a medical tourism industry. Even if physicians have profound knowledge and good skills, the outcomes for patients might be different. The application of identical healthcare standards on…show more content…
Although, developed countries’ courts would not hold an intermediary liable in case of unsuccessful results because they are not health care providers. Therefore, facilitating liability by contract is another important instrument of mitigation negative results of difference in health care standards. Federal law in developed countries should recognize foreign patient contracts, which provide binding arbitration or limit liability. For instance, patients should have an opportunity to get additional insurance for an amount they believe will protect them in negative consequences of foreign treatment. A policy should clearly identify financial remedies for specific problems similar to an accidental death and dismemberment policy (Herrick). In addition, the government in developed countries such as the USA should encourage follow-up care for patients returned from treatment abroad. Another risk connected with the globalization of health care is a brain drain from developing countries. The globalization of the labor market for health care professionals has major implications for individual practitioners, for health care systems, and for governments. Fast-growing demand for health care services in developed countries results in a shortage of health care professionals in those countries and causes recruitment of professionals from underdeveloped countries. The immigration policy of some rich countries as the USA, Ireland, the UK,
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