Road To Winter Analysis

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Road to Winter Text Response In a time of survival, it is NOT every man for himself. The novel Road to Winter (2016) by Mark Smith is set in the aftermath of a deadly virus that has wiped out most of the of the population in and around Angowrie, Australia. The text follows the adventures of Finn Morrison, a teenage boy who was left stranded after the death of his parents during the epidemic. When Finn encounters another survivor named Rose, his life becomes very chaotic and dangerous, Smith has successfully highlighted that when survival is threatened, it is not every man for himself. Finn and Rose, Ray and Finn and Ramage and his wilder gang are all excellent examples of groups when survival is threatened. Mark Smith has able to highlight that Finn had spent 2 years on his own, however he has never been truly alone, he had a friendly neighbour named Ray and his loyal dog Rowdy to support each other, but when Rose came into the picture, there was a new set of chaotic and dangerous challenges to overcome, Smith has proven that Rose needs Finn as much as Finn needs surfing to survive "I didn't know where you were… for all I know, you could've been… I was scared." This shows the amount of trust Rose puts into Finn that he will find Kas and bring her back. The author shows how Finn is developing into a more mature and effective young leader by suggesting the plan to sabotage the Wilder gang "that's for Rose you bastard" this is evidence that Finn is maturing, is brave and is

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