Robert Kagan, A Moral Democratic Realist

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Robert Kagan, a moral democratic realist, finds taming American power would be a danger for this country’s future. History has shown that the world order is not an inevitable evolution of society but the product of unique circumstance, “a particular arrangement of power in the international system that favors a certain worldview over others” (Kagan). If these conditions where to change due to a shift in powers then the characteristics of the world order would shift also. Democracy has spread across the globe not because people yearn for democracy but because the most powerful nation, America, is a democracy (Kagan). Will society always yearn for democracy or will they start to yearn for something else? There have been many attempts at democratic societies and a majority of these have failed. It is this current (key word) yearning for democracy that keeps this world order together. Prosperity and an era of great power peace have also depended on the power and influence of the United States (Kagan). To relinquish this power would resolve in the decline of American ideals. In this American world order democracy is favored, which explains why liberal revolutions of this era have succeeded. If the United States had not been so powerful, there would have been fewer and short-lived transactions of this type of government.
A broad historical perspective to look at the world comparatively should be a key component in the study of international relations. Something taken for granted

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