Robert Louis Stevenson Influences

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External Influences on Stevenson’s Writings “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” by Robert Louis Stevenson was a familiar title to me and prior to reading it I believed I was well versed about the story. I knew that Dr. Jekyll was an intelligent man who experimented with the idea of creating a more powerful version of him that would release his deepest inhibitions. In addition, I believed that the people of the town were not fully aware of Mr. Hyde, only that there was a monster running about the city creating havoc. The townspeople would not be directly affected by Mr. Hyde and I most certainly never thought that Mr. Hyde was capable of murder. Furthermore, it was my thought that when people referred to another …show more content…

At this time in history, religion generally played an important role in people’s lives, for instance, the North American colonists broke apart from England on the basis of religious freedoms. Stevenson did not conform to these norms and at times would allude to his atheistic views and beliefs (Teuber). Not only was one’s upbringing important, but the era was vital toward the success and intrigue from the novel. This was a time in history before the invention of graphic movies

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