For The Union Dead

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What Killed the Union: For The Union Dead Analysis
Much of the human race strives to escape the sands of time as future generations will forge their own paths and forget the great work of their relentless ancestors. No one wants to be forgotten, and if they are, rarely ever are their works uncovered. However, when it happens, it seems as though the whole world stops for a moment and appreciates what they have completed— their work inspires the work of future generations. As it turns out, maybe they were not forgotten after all.
Overtime, Boston’s monuments have become run-down and forgotten, which ultimately led Robert Lowell to write For The Union Dead. Lowell uses strong diction, imagery, and euphemism to display what war does to people and how great war heroes can be forgotten in the modern world amongst the great accomplishments of the current century.
Robert Lowell was born in Boston, Massachusetts. He often implements themes of family, the past, and the present into his poems. In his early years, he had a liking to bullying and violence towards other children. Later on, Lowell fell into depression while attending Harvard. His psychiatrist recommend that he take a break from the schooling. He was eventually diagnosed as a manic …show more content…

Shaw was an officer in the Civil War who led the 54th regiment. This was the first regiment of African-American men (Hill 7:73). These men lost their lives for a country that at the time did not see them as social equivalents, though Shaw strived to see them as such. Because of this, Shaw earned a memorial in the heart of Boston for all to see. The memorial portrays Shaw on horseback as his men wielding bayonet equipped rifles follow him into battle. In addition, an angel is depicted watching guard over the soldiers as they prepare to wage war.

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