Robert Merton 's Deviance And Control

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Robert Merton was a well educated individual big on learning societies focus and concerns, his career as a criminal theorist initiated at his start as a professor at the University of Columbia. His claims involved the why and how groups of people in America excluding other countries would involve the American Dream “wealth” as a mean to commit crimes trying to achieve the “goal”. In every city we could map out the social groups by crime rates and incident rates Nichols, Lawrence a sociologist explained “Robert K. Merton gained renown as a distinguished sociologist, especially in connection with the paradigm of 'structural-functionalism ' and he publicly self-identified as a 'structuralist. '” (Lawrence Nichols. Sep2016) That explained …show more content…

The purpose of a person can determine how strong his will and his border lines are for achieving the wants. Some are so willing and mentally strong that they become their only turning point meaning only they could stop themselves. Obviously, a lot does still matter on the environment. How he determined one 's means and goals was by using the adaptation chart, explaining 5 different sections involving the ways individuals looked at goals and means. The first section was labeled as “conformity”, being the least to commit crime that’s where a large amount of the population would be considered part of. Conformity is accepting the means and goals which meant that these people were the hard workers working hard to achieve the wealth needed. These folks know it takes that extra mile to achieve wealth the right way but doesn 't mind it, this involves higher education and dedication. Another way to explain would be showing your acceptance in means to accomplish your conformity in society. The second classification is the innovators, they accept the goals and reject the means. This group understands that wealth is important but their means to achieve it are not. Their opinion in education and hard work has nothing to do with achieving wealth, meaning that any form of income legal or illegal doesn’t bother them. This thinking process is where we see deviant behavior come to surface, this category is affected by the environment and having access to those illegal ways

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