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Robert Moses Discussion Questions

Robert Moses has become a controversial figure in urban planning. He has built many important buildings, roads, and parks that make New York City the special place it is today. However, he has destroyed many old neighborhoods and created a different sense of community. Do you think he will be remembered as a positive or negative influence on the growth and development of NYC? Robert Moses has become such an influential figure in urban planning by creating one of the most popular cities in the world today. New York City is known for its diversity when it comes to the people who reside there and the business’s. Robert Moses will be remembered in a positive outlook for being the one who influenced …show more content…

The traffic today in NYC is hectic enough and imagine how it would look like without the highways that were built in the city today. The traffic would be ten times as worse as it is today. Robert Moses was guiding NYC in the right direction when it came to elevating the traffic coming in and out of the city by building or proposing more highways.
Do you agree with Moses that the end justifies the means in city planning?
Yes, I agree with the end because it does justifies the means in city planning. New York City is known for being one of the main spots for tourism in the world. Everyone from all over the world come to visit the famous city that does not sleep for its exquisite elegance. There is so much to see and many forms of transportation to get around the city today. Everything that Moses worked for justifies the end in the means in city planning because it is the most famous cities in the world for its skyscrapers, parks, and restuarants.
What makes Jersey City different from NYC as far as growth and development is …show more content…

Jersey City is now the place to be by offering business opportunities,living, and PATH transportation. Jersey city has become a family friendly environment that attracts all compared to the hectic NYC.
Can the automobile and the city of tomorrow coexist? Explain. The automobile and the city of tomorrow can coexist although it is not preferred due to the difficulty of driving into a hectic crowded city. NYC rarely ever has parking, which people will pay more than $40 to just park their car for less than six hours. Driving a car in the city is expensive, and people risk the chances of accidents due to the un-experienced drivers who drive in the city. Moreover, public transportation is mainly common in means of transportation in and out of NYC due to the convenience, cost, and efficiency of public transportation. It has become more easily accessible due to having subways in nearly every other block,which is cheaper and faster. Public transportation is faster than driving into the city at times since it escapes the traffic on roads since it is underneath. Public transportation contains buses,trains,and light rails as well. Once again, automobile and the city of tomorrow can coexist, but it is not ideal in today’s

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