Robert Oppenheimer Manhattan Project

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The success of the Manhattan Project can be attributed to two key leaders. Robert Oppenheimer was the head of the scientists doing the research and development of the atomic bomb. Leslie Groves was the military leader of in charge of the entire project. These leaders faced many problems in this effort, some they solved working together as a very unlikely team and others required the unique skill set that each of them had to bring to bear on this issue. The innumerable problems with this wartime effort can be broken into three broad categories; scientific, personality or human, and logistical. The first of these, the scientific problems would seem to be primarily Oppenheimer’s to deal with and many of them were. However, with a project …show more content…

First there was a large group of scientists that were all working together as a team on this project. None of them had never worked on this large of a project nor on a team with this many other individuals of similar caliber as themselves. Oppenheimer first had to constrain the desire for many of them to be independent researchers, working on a problem and following it to whatever conclusion or new problems it lead to them to. Next, due to security concerns, he had to limit their interaction with each other. This was also against their usual work efforts where all knowledge was shared and discussed. Groves was concerned with security around this knowledge, nearly to the point of paranoia, and wanted to only give out the pieces of the overall project to those people that absolutely must know. Whereas Oppenheimer seemed to have an understanding of what each individual needed personally to succeed, Groves had a far more military view. He expected that his advice (orders) were followed and how the individual felt about it mattered little. His insight how type of leadership would be received by the scientists likely played into his selection of

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