Rock ‘N Roll And Its Impact On Society. Music Is Ever Changing.

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Rock ‘n Roll and Its Impact On Society
Music is ever changing. It moves at such a rapid pace people may not want to catch up to. The one genre that seems to have changed the most is “Rock and Roll”. In a world of classical opuses, big bands, and vocal jazz, rock was a huge shock to the world. It was revolutionary, but sometimes unwanted. No matter, rock and roll has played a substantial part in defining our modern culture, influencing things like individual music taste, political views, and personal expression.
A History of Rock ‘n Roll Rock’s deep influence over people is greatly affected by its intriguing history. The rock movement itself, has been embraced and criticized since it began. From its roots to its succeeding genres, rock has …show more content…

Artists like Chuck Berry (including Muddy Waters, Little Richard, and Fats Domino) were more accepted once rock and roll was welcomed by growing audiences. This gave talented artists of different races a greater chance of having their voices and music heard (America Rocks, 2016). The 1950’s. As this new form of music started moving into mainstream media in the 1950’s, Elvis Presley entered the scene. Before Elvis, young women weren’t often caught listening to rock and roll, but once they heard his voice and saw his shaking hips, he was all they listened to. Because of Elvis, the rock and roll industry boomed (Wallace, 2012). He paved the way for other artist to experiment and create completely different sounds and styles. The 1960’s. When bands like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Animals, and The Who graced the American nation and sent shocks throughout the world, “Britain owned the sixties (Puterbaugh, 1988),” in what is called ‘The British Invasion’. This was not the same kind of rock and roll from the fifties. Still inspired by the rhythm and blues, sixties rock was packed with raw emotion and controversial subject matter. It started as a remnant of the fifties sound that caused people to bob

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