Rock N Roll In The 1950s

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Rock’ n’ Roll in the 1950s: The change in America
Music as a whole blends together. One style leads to another, the music becomes more progressive. It evolves to fit the new generation, leaving the old generation behind. From the spritual songs of the late 1800s to the gospel of the early 1900s. Then it changed into rhythm and blues, and when the 1950s rolled around it became Rock’ n’ Roll. With the invention of new iconic instruments like the Fender Precision Bass and then the Fender Stratocaster, the sound of the music changed. The sound that was soft and low was now crunchy and loud. While it did not sit well with the adults, it was a hit among the new generation. Even the African American roots of the music didn’t deter the youth listening …show more content…

To which they did not approve. They felt it had a rebellious nature. And lead to teens not being more defiant, and less conforming. But most of all they hated who played the music. Most of the musicians and music writers were African American. Even though they had earned the respect of many people while fighting in WWII, their culture was still shunned by most of the public. But Rock was all about being insobordinate. The fact that the parents hated it made it even more popular among the teens. The parents might have had their own little pet names about it calling it as blues legend B.B. King said in an interview with The Guardian, the “Black Chittlin' circuit.” But to the youth it was just music. The acceptance of this generation was going to bring a new opportunity for Black America in the fight for civil rights.
Even with the definite roots in Black culture, most of the main performers however were white. Take Elvis Presley for example, the songs he sang were the normal blues rock style, but he was white. He was still part of the culture, he was thought as black. It was a common saying among the musicians at the time was that “If you were white and played blues you were black once.” These Black roots and White musicians led to this music being called a black and white hybrid. This fact was what turned away most adults from this

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