Roderick Usher Research Paper

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Wealth or Health?
American Romanticism has been around for quite some time now, having made an incline in popularity in the early 1800’s. Two very popular stories associated with American Romanticism include: “The Minister’s Black Veil” published in 1832, and the “Fall of the House of Usher” which was published in 1839. These two stories correlate nicely and contrast evenly in the theme of American Romanticism, such as the many supernatural elements both stories posses.
From the beginning, you know that Roderick Usher is extensively rich. Not once has he ever experienced the feeling of any kind of labor simply due to the fact that he was born into a wealthy family. Roderick Usher lived in his family's prosperous home along side his sister. Reverend Hooper, on the other hand, is far from rich. The Reverend knows what it is like to work, for he does so everyday. He receives a minimal pay of what reverends typically get and lived within the chapel of the village.
Another difference between these two men is their relationship status. Reverend Hooper was engaged up until he started wearing the black veil and would do so until death. His fiancee left him when he made the decision to start wearing the veil because she did not understand his motives behind it. Roderick …show more content…

Roderick Usher was rather secluded, the only people he interacted with were his doctors that helped maintain his sisters well being, and his sister. Not much interaction with the people of his society took place, he stuck to himself more than anything, until he communicated with one friend. Reverend Hooper, however, was very active in his community. He was well known in the village, connected with many, and went to multiple social events that took place. He was well respected and loved by his people, although they all faced the task as viewing him the same as before while he wore the veil upon his

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