`` Rogue Legacy `` By Daniel Southon

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Rogue Legacy is an indie Platformer that has some rogue-like elements. The object of the game is to explore and defeat 4 unique bosses each in their own environment to unlock what is behind the golden gate. In a procedurally generated world, the player chooses a champion and challenges the “Castle” with the default ability to jump and slash with their sword, along with secondary abilities, such as magic attacks (which use MP). Within the castle, players will encounter many risky obstacles but will always find a reward hiding not too far away. If the champion dies as a result of losing health points (HP) an heir will take their place. Upon choosing an heir you are given 3 randomly generated characters to choose from, no two heirs are exactly alike, often having some sort of disorder /”trait”, and a large part of the fun is deciding which (slightly ill-equipped) heir you 'd like to pass your adventure to. Daniel Southon After reading a few user-reviews and some articles on the opinion of the traits section of the game, I found mixed thoughts on the matter, from Joe Parlock who suffers from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (E.D.S), found it quite insulting that the fact disabilities portrayed in games can be quite stereotypical and far from realism, “This is a problem because a lack of understanding is being clouded by misinformation put forward through these portrayals” [1]. To Ryan Petzar whom feels he takes on a form of dyslexia found the matter to be educational and amusing. To a

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