The Hunt By Andrew Fukuda

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The Hunt People are different in many ways, they may have small figures, be tall, get tired, sweat when it’s hot, and eat normal foods. In the book, The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda, normal does not exist, well not exactly. This book is a fiction book taking place in a simple town. Gene is the only human to be alive from the vampires taking over the world. No one knows how it started and no one knew how to end it. Gene’s Father was bitten 7 years ago and his mother and sibling were killed many years before that. His father trained Gene to “blend in.” Since he couldn’t fight the vampires, he would take his father’s tips like: never smile or show emotion, never let the see you sweat, bathe frequently to keep the human stench off, never show any twitches or yawn, always keep all body hair shaved, and keep fangs polished and looking new. His plan has worked so far, blending into high school until a simple girl who he believed was a vampire showed interest in him. This story is 3rd point of view.

To begin with, the story starts out with the vampire population hitting the streets and the schools. Gene, a human trying to blend in with the vampires ends up in a drawing and wins to be in a hunt for helpers!,( humans.) He is placed in a team with other students named: Gaunt Man,
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Beffy, Crimson Lips, and Ashely June. Gene is wondering how he is going to pull this whole situation as a vampire, as he is only human. As everyone gathers at the library, Gene stays outside cause of

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