Role Of A Third Party For A Peace Operations Effort

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Shamella Tribble PUBP 651 Analysis Paper The role of a third-party in a peace operations effort can be categorized as fragile and easily misconstrued. These groups can include international governments, UN and even NATO just to name a few. Their tasks mainly rely on incomplete data, inaccurate assumptions and the pressure from the outside world to "fix" the conflict all within a span of a CNN news hour. There are many factors which are taken into consideration by these groups. These factors are used to determine the plan and ultimately the overall success of the peace-keeping mission. The plan can include funding, demobilization, reintegration and long-term peace. These issues when not properly analyzed can cause difficulty in the …show more content…

With increased access to what goes on around and the need for the next big story to bump up the networks ratings the need to take action has become necessary. Now this in itself is not necessarily a downfall of peace operations but the call for immediate action and even faster resolution often is. The 10 minute segment we see on the news channel on our way to work shows us the most gritty and violent piece of information and we take our demands to the government in an effort to stop the violence. “Weak actors will want to "socialize" the conflict—that is, to enlist allies in their cause against a greater power and to increase the perception of suffering” (Bajraktari and Parajon 2007, par. 5). With this motivation the third-party must now gather the advisors and top personnel to devise a plan that fixes all atrocities taking place on the nightly news. “The international community would do well to recognize the danger of calibrating its responses to the substance and timing of the information it receives from media reports” (Bajraktari and Parajon 2007, par. 6). There is no mistake that action should be taken as quickly as possible to diffuse the conflict as much as possible but the overall goal that seems to be

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