Role Of A Third Party For A Peace Operations Effort

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The role of a third-party in a peace operations effort can be categorized as fragile and easily misconstrued. These groups can include international governments, UN and even NATO just to name a few. Their tasks mainly rely on incomplete data, inaccurate assumptions and the pressure from the outside world to "fix" the conflict all within a span of a CNN news hour. There are many factors which are taken into consideration by these groups. These factors are used to determine the plan and ultimately the overall success of the peace-keeping mission. The plan can include funding, demobilization, reintegration and long-term peace. These issues when not properly analyzed can cause difficulty in the
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“Weak actors will want to "socialize" the conflict—that is, to enlist allies in their cause against a greater power and to increase the perception of suffering” (Bajraktari and Parajon 2007, par. 5). With this motivation the third-party must now gather the advisors and top personnel to devise a plan that fixes all atrocities taking place on the nightly news. “The international community would do well to recognize the danger of calibrating its responses to the substance and timing of the information it receives from media reports” (Bajraktari and Parajon 2007, par. 6). There is no mistake that action should be taken as quickly as possible to diffuse the conflict as much as possible but the overall goal that seems to be forgotten is long-term peace and the prevention of reoccurrence.
These advisors and top personnel called to action must now form a strategy using the partial data and best guesses of their experts and the media. “Their instant, superficial analysis of the media 's role is usually skewed by the emotion of anecdotal comments as opposed to rigorous analysis.” (Gowing 1997, 2). This is no easy feat. Now often enough the history has been glanced over to get the general gist of the reason for the conflict. The outside parties quickly skim the surface of the conditions of both sides and their leadership

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