Role Of Refreeze A New And Stable Organisational Chart

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Refreezing. An organisation can refreeze once changes have been implemented and people have accepted the new ways of doing things. After the refreeze a new and stable organisational chart and other core documents can be published. Managers must monitor that changes are being used at all times until they become a part of the normal everyday routine. Employees will then become comfortable and confident with the new methods. Reaching this future state and refreezing is important as it gives staff a sense of stability. It will also ensure they are motivated to tackle future changes with confidence that results will be successful and beneficial to them (Mind Tools, n.d.). Useful strategies during this stage include (Young, 2014):

Once the new menu and décor is finalised and in use, processes would be developed to ensure changes are anchored into the organisation’s culture and that every aspect of the organisation’s culture supports the new routine. The updates would be monitored so they could be continuously improved/maintained. Methods would be developed to sustain the changes. Successes would be rewarded throughout the project. A new vision and mission statement would be published, as well as a new organisational chart and structure that supports and incorporates the changes. I would maintain communication with staff and continue to encourage involvement and participation by establishing a feedback system and a reward system. On-going management support would help to sustain…
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