Role Of Women In Society

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The role of women in society has changed dramatically over the past few decades. Some may say the changing of the role is a positive change, but some others may disagree. Women have changed their lives for men and their ways of life, women have been restricted from using their own money by men, and also women have had to deal with cleaning up everyone else's messes for years and also years to come. In the articles and plays that were read several of these roles were demonstrated. In the article The Total Woman by Marabel Morgan the role of having to adapt to the husbands way of life was mentioned. “ Adapt to his way of life wholeheartedly, even if he doesn’t come home for weeks.”. The quote from the article above is saying that when …show more content…

HELMER. Don't interrupt me. [A little later he opens the door and looks in, pen in hand.] Buying, did you say? What! All that? Has my little spendthrift been making the money fly again?”. The woman, Nora Helmer, is buying Christmas presents for her children and her husband did not approve of it so he believes she is being a spendthrift. The way women could not spend money on their own has changed greatly over the decades because women now have their own paying jobs. Women now do not have to do whatever their husband or significant other tells them to do with their money. Women in today’s society do not have to have permission to spend their own money. The next role may not have changed as much as the role just explained, but it still has a certain significance. In the article I Want A Wife written by Judy Brady a man stated, “ I want a wife who will keep my house clean.”. The man who stated this believes that cleaning is the wife or woman’s job. The role of women to be the ones to clean the house has changed over several years. Men now know that they are able to clean for themselves instead of someone always doing it for them. Some women do still clean their houses because they do not have anyone to help them or their husbands still make them do it themselves. A lot of women get help now when cleaning or cooking. This role of women has changed over several decades due

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