Role of Police Agencies

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Police Agencies The police forces exist in every country and every society on different levels and to play different roles. Whether they are public or private, the roles of the police and their motives remain pretty much the same. They exist to carry out those tasks that people do not want to do for themselves or maybe are incapable of performing those jobs. The job of the police agencies is extremely dangerous, hectic and requires the person to be alert at all times and also stresses the individuals as a result. The police agencies are like a relief or a sense of security for the citizens of the country because they trust these police forces and agencies to keep a look out for any form of danger and fight against the criminals and terrorists to retain the peace and order in society. The police take the law and order in their hands and take action against anyone who goes on to create a chaos in society or harm the innocent in any way possible. What they basically focus on is to correct whatever is going wrong in society and put it right but this is just a simplistic way to describe the job of the police agencies. Further ahead, more light will be shed on the kind of work that the police agencies perform and how they go about doing it (Morris, 1999). The roles of the police agency are also very challenging in the sense that they must not misuse their power and be loyal to their job because millions of lives may be depending on them. In one way or the other, they might
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