Roles Of The External Stakeholders Of Macmillan And BT

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This is because, although they are ‘easy’ they are still required and will still give some of the work force a sense of belonging and feel as though they are befitting Macmillan.

Stakeholders of Macmillan and BT:

There are many stakeholders involved in Macmillan and BT. A stakeholder is someone who effected directly or indirectly as a result of the activity of the business. These stakeholders can be internal or external. An internal stakeholder are people who are within the business such as the owners or managers. External stakeholders are people who are outside of the business such as suppliers or the community. Either way, they all have a relation to the business which will effect them.

Internal Stakeholders: Possible internal stakeholders would include the; Owners, Employees and Managers.

Owners: The owners of Macmillan would be interested in the reputation for the organisation, this is because they will want go maintain a good reputation as they're a charity and that it what they need in order to help Macmillan. They are also interested in the overall running of Macmillan to ensure that it is stable to continue running with all their costs. This is so they can continue helping people and achieving their purpose. However, they would be interested in the profit they will make as they will need the money to reinvest into the charity so that they can continue running round raises etc. However, they won’t as interested in comparison to BT Group who are a profitable

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