Roles Of Women In The 21st Century

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When a person thinks back to the 16th Century and the roles of women, they would immediately assume that women didn’t have that big of a role. If Queen Elizabeth and King Henry’s wives were excluded, of course. But if a person’s mind happens to wonder towards the modern times, they’d see the difference of the roles of women in the 16th and 21st Century. In the 16th Century, women sometimes had very few opportunities to have a say in their futures, but the things that have mostly evolved for women; are work, education, and their marriage. One of the places where women have mostly evolved from the 16th Century, are the opportunities for work. The women of the 16th Century were not allowed to work in a profession, examples of these are; doctors, lawyers, and teachers. One of the jobs they could do, involved embroidery, but if a woman had a child at a similar time as an upper class women, they could be hired as nurses. The nurse from Romeo and Juliet is, of course, an example of this. On the other hand, if a woman was married, they stayed as housewives, unless their husband owned either a farm or a business, then the women would assist their husband. While in the 21st Century, women could do any job they choose, while still having the choice to be a housewife after they’ve married. To sum up, since women have managed to develop a fair amount of equal rights, they could have the same rights as a man, including education. One of the things that the 21st Century and the

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