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Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry Mildred D. Taylor's Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry is set during the Great Depression, in the rural areas of Mississippi. The majority of the people in this community are sharecroppers, who are greatly dependent on plantation farming. The Logan family is fortunate because they have a piece of land of their own, so unlike other black sharecroppers they do not have to be dependent on the whites. However, due to the sharp decrease in the price of the cotton crop the family have to work hard to keep it in their hands, whilst also providing food in order for them to survive. The situation is further worsened because of the severity of racism and segregation in the society. The Logans are one of the few families…show more content…
The ways Uncle Hammer and Papa deal with situations are very different because of the amount of self-control that they have. Whenever a white person does something that degrades the black people, Uncle Hammer spontaneously seeks revenge without thinking about the consequences of his actions. For example, when he hears that Cassie had been pushed into the road by Mr Simms while visiting Strawberry, he immediately reaches for his gun and heads for the door to the Simmses'. "Then he stood slowly, his eyes icing into the distant way they could, and he started toward the door, limping slightly on his left leg.'; "Don't worry. I ain't gonna use David's gun . . . I've got my own.'; Hammer is impetuous with a quick temper that means he often acts without thinking things through. Papa does not like Uncle Hammer's hot temper. He tells Cassie, "you got yourself a bad temper like your Uncle Hammer. That temper can get you into trouble.'; Uncle Hammer's way of handling situations, using violence against violence, and his inability to control his temper, would not only affect himself, but could also involve the rest of his family. If Mr. Morrison had not stopped him from going to the Simms', the end result probably would have been very severe. Papa takes a different approach

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