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While it is generally accepted that the Roman society was immensely influenced by the Greek culture, such influence was apparently visible in the aspect of architecture. In the Roman society, the use of the arch and concrete in huge open structures became a significant aspect of their buildings, especially in constructing sanctuaries (Pantheon), amphitheaters (Colosseum), baths (Caracalla), theaters, streets, bridges and water passages. For more than 2000 years, the Roman architectural design has remained a dominant force even the Romans culminated the utilization of three compositional components: the arch, the vault, and concrete. Each of these three essential components alleviated the burden conveyed by Roman structures while …show more content…

First, it was solid enough to be used for strong buildings. Additionally, the Roman concrete was likewise pressure driven; that means it would set up and solidify even submerged, which made it helpful for erecting structures such as the Roman sewers, storages, harbors, bridges, and strong edifices. A typical example of the importance of concrete in the life of Rome was the magnificent construction of its temples, among them was the Pantheon, which was rebuilt between AD 120 and 124 (Kamm, 1970). Opus reticulatum: Courtesy of Google Image
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It enables the Roman architect to design and built large buildings without imminent collapse. Furthermore, the Romans constructed massive structures such as aqueducts, which provided water to cities and the use of the arch similarly, enable architects to explore ways to design and build huge edifices. Seeing what the Romans did with the arch, many countries began to follow the style of building. From all indication, the Roman arch was effectively used to solve the problem of the ceiling and the inadequacy of small structures. This result of the use of arch was fundamental to the Roman

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