Roman Culture During The Roman Empire Essay

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Roman culture was based on cultures of its neighboring societies mainly the Greeks and Etruscans, with such a blended culture the Romans took everything that that had learned and adopted and became one of the most advanced societies of it time. Using its advance knowledge and vast empire to spread the roman culture around the globe.
Being one of the most advanced societies for the time the technology that the romans invented and pioneered the first water pipes for the citizens that could afford it, harvesting the rain water, toilets even though they were public bathrooms, Roman roads that were made from stone, the use on concrete, the use of Roman numerals, spreading the Latin langue’s across their empire, a postal service and the use of aqueduct. With all of these great advancements in in modern societies
The Roman empire started in Italy as a republic 264 BCE, starting off as a small city-state of Rome then overthrew the monarchy of Etruscans king Tarquin, and creating republican government that would later turn in an empire. From this small start the city of Rome would go on to conquer most of the known world spreading the Roman culture across the globe. The Republic would thrive for five centuries until civil wars broke out cause the republic to crumble and letting a new form of government rise a Principate ruled by emperors. Even then many of the political bodies, the Senate, created in the Republican period would continue on in the empire. economy

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