Roman Emperor Theodosius

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Theodosius I was a former military general who grew up as a well-educated Christian in Spain. When in the army, he served under his father, Theodosius the Elder. After his father was convicted of treason and exiled, Theodosius retired to his native country until he was summoned by Gratian, then a leader of the Western Empire, to become co-augustus (co-emperor) of the Eastern Roman empire. Early into his rule, Theodosius faced many challenges that were threatening the empire. He had no experience dealing with the Greek-speaking areas of Rome. He had never even visited the capital, Constantinople. The Goths were invading the northern borders, but the Roman army was growing smaller and weaker and wasn’t able to defend the empire. Romans were growing dissatisfied with the condition of the empire and were losing morale. As an emperor, Theodosius had to undertake the challenge of bringing the empire back from the brink of defeat. Despite his impulsivity and difficulty controlling his emotions, Theodosius I deserves to be nominated to the Roman Emperor Hall of Fame because he was able to bring unity and …show more content…

Theodosius tried to fight the Goths head-on, but realized that the effort would be futile given the weakened state of the Roman army. In 382 C.E., the emperor signed a treaty that allowed barbarians to live on Roman land in return for the Goths’ service in the army (Encyclopedia Britannica, “Theodosius I”). Theodosius’ actions expanded the military forces and enabled him to defend the empire more easily. Instead of using excessive military force, which only would have prolonged the war, Theodosius made the wise decision to settle the fight through a compromise that benefitted both sides. This brought the war to an end and allowed Romans to live in peace for the first time in years. It also showed the Goths that the Romans were open to

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