Roman Military Essay

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No powerful civilization has ever excised without a well-organized military. The Republic of Rome and Imperial Rome would have no been so influential to civilizations across the globe without a powerful military. Imperial Rome conquered vast lands from Britain to North Africa, from Egypt to Judea with their military which consisted of well discipline soldiers from their generals to the simple foot soldiers. This military was not an armed mob with clubs and spear; they were a high skilled set of professional soldiers. Over the vast Roman Empire the military executed the will of the emperor. The distinct similarities of the Roman Military to that of modern militaries, the history of their conquest and duties, …show more content…

The Roman military campaigned for over 3,000 years. (Murray) Imperial Rome or as many historians call the Roman Empire was founded by the Julius Caesar ascension to Emperor in 44 BC. (Murray) Throughout the time of the empire the Roman military conquered various lands and had many other duties. (Murray) In addition to engaging foreign enemies, the Roman military served another strategic purpose that of maintain the empire’s internal stability. (Murray) While most legions were stationed on the frontiers, some were kept close to major strategic points within the empire. (Murray) Legionaries guarded Egypt for instance as it was a crucial source of Rome’s food supply. (Murray) Rome’s powerful military was used to conquer lands, and to defend their homeland. The military was also used to keep peace within their lands and to put down rebellions. (Murray) The military was crucial in the ushering in the peaceful era in the first and second century’s. This time of Roman peace which was the height of their military power was known as the Pax Romana. Possibly the area of most Roman influence was the influence on Christianity, the region known as Judaea. In 63 BC Rome conquered modern day Israel a region known as Palestine. (Palestine) The Roman military was the law of the land for the region with a permanent legion stationed at the outpost. (Palestine). Caesar Augustus was the Emperor of Rome at the time of Jesus’ birth. (Ryrie) The Roman military

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