Roman Vs. Roman Theater

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Throughout history, Romans have been known to be more innovative rather than inventive, so when it comes to theater we can determine the Greek origins, but we are also able to define how Romans have expanded and improved how theater was presented. Roman intellectuals have contributed many thing to the world and preserved playscripts and buildings sugestthat there was a theater culture in anciant rome, however unlike its greek counterpart roman dramas and comedies take on more characteristics promonent in other roman entertainment. Theater affected Roman society by spreading religious ideas and myth and keeping citizens entertained. Politicians also used these public events to reinforce public opinion with Roman citizens. Roman theater, or Ludi scaenici 1, were originally used to pay respect to the gods at festivals as one of the many attractions available suchh as athletic games and gladiators. This festival was not only to honor gods as aediles used this time to increase their positive standing with the Roman citizens during their time as aediles, although this was apart of their civil duty the resources put into these festivals usually excedded the requirements. These festivals were held all throughout the roman empire allowing theater to become a common thing. Before the grand theater of Marcellus and the Pompeii theater, simple temporary stages that consisted of “ a simple raised platform for performance, and a backdrop of wood or cloth...[, and] Stairs ...
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